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High Definition Video Denver

High Definition Denver

High Definition Video Denver

VS Video Productions a Denver based
video company with over 18 years of experience offers our clients uncompressed high quality High Definition video production services at a reasonable price. We utilize the Panasonic HPX-300 P2 High Definition camera. This camera has a variety of options, being able to shoot in 1080,720 in AVC intra and DVCPRO HD codecs and can also shoot in DVCPRO standard. The camera allows us to quickly transfer your footage from P2 cards directly to the editing system, thus saving our clients many hours of digitizing footage before you can start the editing process. To find out more information call us at:

303 671-7308. Visit us at http://www.vsvideoproductions.com


How to get a job in Video Production

This article addresses some tips on what you need to do in order to get hired for video production jobs.I decided to write this blog because of the many inquiries that we get for video production jobs.If you are just getting out of college with no experience don’t expect any production company to let you start shooting their clients projects. The way to get experience in this field is to do internships to gain experience and this should be done during your last two years of college. After college don’t expect to make lot’s of money, our industry doesn’t pay lot’s of money. Ask the employer if they can give you a trial run for free. Prove to them that you can do the job. You will probably start out as a production assistant or a video tape logger. If you can prove yourself doing some of the lower end jobs, eventually you will move up. Have a great attitude and be willing to go with the flow.   The most importatnt  tip to get hired as a videographer or video editor is make sure you have video samples available preferably online that an employer can see your work instantly. Our industry is a visual medium, resumes do not cut it in our industry. Take advantage of the free uploads on You Tube, Google and Aol. I just recently hired an individual in a matter of a few minutes because he had a video sample on Youtube. If you are compiling a demo tape, make sure you stand out from the rest. Create something that will catch the viewer eye in a matter of a few seconds. Create a compelling story with your videos, don’t just point and shoot, anyone can do that. In order to get a job with my company or other video production companies,  is show us what you can do don’t tell us. We will offer more tips on how to get a job in the video industry soon.

About the author: Victor Sieff has over 18 years of experience in the video production industry and ownes and operates VS Video Productions based in Denver, Colorado
See us on the web: http://www.vsvideoproductions.com

How to hire a videographer

Many individuals ask why should I pay for a pro video when myself or friends and family can tape it with our camcorders ? Even with access to prosumer camcorders today, most friends and family don’t have the training and or experience as well as the professional broadcast equipment of a professional videographer. We have made the investment of purchasing state of the art broadcast quality cameras and editing systems that most of the public cannot afford to invest in. Professional video production companies also have other equipment that most consumers don’t have such as camera cranes,dolly systems, multiple cameras, professional audio microphones, and most of us have college degrees and years of training at broadcast stations and cable networks. If you are a company that wants to promote your image to consumers investing in a professional video presentation will make your company look professional which is very important if you are trying to maintain a good image and sell your products to consumers. If you are an individual and have an important event to capture such as a wedding or special event that you want to keep for a long time, then it is smart to hire a professional videographer that has the skills and the ability to make the production look professional. The best way to come to a decision about hiring a professional videographer is not by price alone. Meet with the video production company and discuss what your needs are. A price quote alone can result in hiring an individual or company that may not live up to your expectations. Make sure to ask to see a completed video production. Demo tapes only highlight the best video clips they have compiled. For technical specifications you should look for video that is stable shot mostly with a tripod. Why pay someone to do a video for you when the shots are shaky out of focus and you can’t hear the sound. Make sure the videographer uses multiple audio microphones to capture every person that speaks. Look for quality of the video, make sure it is color corrected and is not over saturated or completely dark. All these qualities are important when hiring a competent videographer. We will offer more tips and techniques in our upcoming blogs.

Victor Sieff is owner and operator of VS Video Productions based in Denver, Colorado.The website for VSVP is http://www.vsvideoproductions.com.






I am a 18 year veteran in video production services. My experience is as a videographer, producer, editor and director.

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