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VS Video Productions based in Denver Colorado has the experience and the technical knowledge to help businesses develop cost effective corporate and  training videos. Training videos save your company time and money by having a resource that can be utilized at any time. Instead of having to have employees attend training seminars that cost your company time,money and productivity a well designed training video can be utilized and implemented at any time.

VS Video Productions offer a variety of crew services as well including videogrpahers,cameraman,directors,producers,audio technicians,hair and makeup and more.

To find out more information on how we can help your company save time,money and productivity contact us at 303 671-7308


Video Production Denver

Promote your business or products online cost effectively
Date Released: 06/08/2008
All the fortune 500 and 100 companies are doing it why not your business. If you have a product or service why not let your customers see what you can really offer them with a video news release or product testimonials or even a 30 second ad. This is very cost effective as you will be able to post your video promotion piece right onto your companies website. Once it is created you will not have to pay any advertising fees. VS Video Productions in Denver has created many of these promotional pieces for large, medium and small businesses around the country. We will work with you formulating a strategy to create a meaningful promotional video that will sell your products to customers. Please visit our website to see our samples at http://www.vsvideoproductions.com or e-mail us at victor(at)vsvideoproductions.com or call 303 -671-7308. 
About VS Video Productions
Video production services in Denver Colorado, Colorado Springs, Aspen, Vail, Fort Collins for Broadcast Television, Marketing and Commercial, video duplication, graphics, editing, compositing, wedding videographers, corporate and sports events, film, tributes, photomontage, DVD and CD Authoring, videography, video and film consultants and more from VS Video Productions company.http://www.vsvideoproductions.com/corporate.html

How to hire a videographer

Many individuals ask why should I pay for a pro video when myself or friends and family can tape it with our camcorders ? Even with access to prosumer camcorders today, most friends and family don’t have the training and or experience as well as the professional broadcast equipment of a professional videographer. We have made the investment of purchasing state of the art broadcast quality cameras and editing systems that most of the public cannot afford to invest in. Professional video production companies also have other equipment that most consumers don’t have such as camera cranes,dolly systems, multiple cameras, professional audio microphones, and most of us have college degrees and years of training at broadcast stations and cable networks. If you are a company that wants to promote your image to consumers investing in a professional video presentation will make your company look professional which is very important if you are trying to maintain a good image and sell your products to consumers. If you are an individual and have an important event to capture such as a wedding or special event that you want to keep for a long time, then it is smart to hire a professional videographer that has the skills and the ability to make the production look professional. The best way to come to a decision about hiring a professional videographer is not by price alone. Meet with the video production company and discuss what your needs are. A price quote alone can result in hiring an individual or company that may not live up to your expectations. Make sure to ask to see a completed video production. Demo tapes only highlight the best video clips they have compiled. For technical specifications you should look for video that is stable shot mostly with a tripod. Why pay someone to do a video for you when the shots are shaky out of focus and you can’t hear the sound. Make sure the videographer uses multiple audio microphones to capture every person that speaks. Look for quality of the video, make sure it is color corrected and is not over saturated or completely dark. All these qualities are important when hiring a competent videographer. We will offer more tips and techniques in our upcoming blogs.

Victor Sieff is owner and operator of VS Video Productions based in Denver, Colorado.The website for VSVP is http://www.vsvideoproductions.com.






I am a 18 year veteran in video production services. My experience is as a videographer, producer, editor and director.

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