You Tube Advertising

You might be surprised by the demographics of who watches You Tube. According to Nielsen they state that nearly 55 percent of YouTube’s U.S. visitors in May 2006 were ages 35 to 64, with an additional 19 percent in the 25- to-34 bracket. Most of the viewers are older white males that are highly educated with a high income bracket. Advertising on You Tube was not taken seriously a few years ago, but now it is becoming a viable media outlet, as You Tube has grown by popularity being used in conjunction with CNN at the primaries. For businesses wanting to advertise and save advertising dollars in this depressed market, You Tube offers an alternative to expensive television advertising. Even though the economy is in a tailspin right now, as a business trying to reach out to your customers, the last thing you want to do is cut your advertising budget. You can still get your message out to your customers with an effective You Tube advertising campaign. Our company VS Video Productions based in Denver has been in the video advertising business for 18 years. We can be reached at the information below.

Visit our website to see our samples at or e-mail us at victor(at) or call 303 -671-7308.


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