How to get a job in the video industry

This article addresses some tips on what you need to do in order to get hired for video production jobs.I decided to write this blog because of the many inquiries that we get for video production jobs.If you are just getting out of college with no experience don’t expect any production company to let you start shooting their clients projects. The way to get experience in this field is to do internships to gain experience and this should be done during your last two years of college. After college don’t expect to make lot’s of money, our industry doesn’t pay lot’s of money. Ask the employer if they can give you a trial run for free. Prove to them that you can do the job. You will probably start out as a production assistant or a video tape logger. If you can prove yourself doing some of the lower end jobs, eventually you will move up. Have a great attitude and be willing to go with the flow.   The most importatnt  tip to get hired as a videographer or video editor is make sure you have video samples available preferably online that an employer can see your work instantly. Our industry is a visual medium, resumes do not cut it in our industry. Take advantage of the free uploads on You Tube, Google and Aol. I just recently hired an individual in a matter of a few minutes because he had a video sample on Youtube. If you are compiling a demo tape, make sure you stand out from the rest. Create something that will catch the viewer eye in a matter of a few seconds. Create a compelling story with your videos, don’t just point and shoot, anyone can do that. In order to get a job with my company or other video production companies,  is show us what you can do don’t tell us. We will offer more tips on how to get a job in the video industry soon.

About the author: Victor Sieff has over 18 years of experience in the video production industry and ownes and operates VS Video Productions based in Denver, Colorado
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