Video Production News

Technology is amazing as companies constantly give us new gadgets to listen to music and watch videos. High Definition is the revolution of video technology. Soon television stations around the country will be required to carry the high definition signal to all homes in the United States.  Many individuals want to keep what they have and not change because of the money they have already invested in their current equipment. However I urge you to take a look at what high definition offers. It is amazing and as an owner of a video production company we want to warn those out there what true high definition is and what it is not. As a video production company in Denver, we constantly have to strive to keep up with technology and we make huge purchases to do that. Some video production companies tell their clients that they have high definition when in fact it is not.

It is called HDV which is not true High Definition it runs on different codecs and to make it simple this is not true high definition. When calling on a video production company ask them if they use HDV cameras or have HD cameras this will make a big difference. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about what we can offer you. Our company name is VS VIDEO PRODUCTIONS our website is or e-mail us at


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